Thursday, September 3, 2009

Do I look like my Daddy?

Matthew and I joke all the time about how we thought Marin looked just like him...then there was Jane! I feel like she looks especially like Matthew and all!

Chef Marin

Marin loves to make cookies, cupcakes, brownies...anything sweet. I knew my DNA was in there somewhere! Marin has a ridiculous sweet tooth, much like her mommy.

Sweet Jane

Jane's First Cereal
Sleepy Baby
Sweet Sisters
Jane's first shots


Where has the time gone... Marin started Pre-School!! She was so excited and had a great first day!
Jane Alison Adams

Marin turning 2!!

Where to begin?

MMMMMM... where to begin?
In the last 10 months, several life changing events have taken place in the Adams house...
Probably the biggest was that we were blessed with our 2nd daughter Jane Alison Adams on April 17th. She is so much fun and smiles all the time (must be in the name!!) being a mommy of 2 kids is quite challenging, being an only child, I really had no clue what it would be like to have 2 little girlies running around, but it has been great! Marin is a great big sister and loves to call herself the "super-helper"

Matthew has a new job as the head girls basketball coach at Blue Valley West High School...
Go Jaguars!

We have discovered the meaning of "the terrible twos"...
Marin celebrated her 2nd birthday in March. She for the most part is pretty good, but when she is bad she is really really bad! Marin also started pre-school 2 days/week at a church down the street, she loves it! She is a very social kid and needed some independent time. And, it also allows Jane and I to have some quiet time.

Well, I am sure that there are more things to chat/blog about but I think that these hit the high points. If you can have New Years Resolutions in September, mine is to keep up with this blog! I always forget to update it, sorry for anyone who checks it.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Marin loves to play with clips and bows.  
She refuses to keep them in her hair most of the time, but she is starting to come around.  
This makes Mommy very happy, so people will stop calling her a BOY!  Just because a kid does not have a lot of hair does not automatically make them a boy!!!